About the Marvy Finger Family Foundation Scholarship

The Marvy Finger Family Foundation awards HISD high school students who are ready to enter the workforce a scholarship for a certificate or license from Houston Community College or San Jacinto College. These students have excelled in their schools and communities despite facing difficult circumstances, systemic barriers and financial obstacles in their lives. We provide our scholars with not just financial support, but also mentorship, a support system, and community resources.

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Marvy Finger was a leader in the Real Estate business for over six decades, and considered highly regarded not only for his business achievements but for his philanthropic efforts in civic, medical and educational institutions across Houston. Mr. Finger, a native Houstonian, graduated from the University of Texas in 1957, and was deeply committed to providing motivated students the opportunity for continued education and employment.

The Scholarship program began in 2013 with awards going to 8 students and has grown to offering many students the opportunity to learn a valuable trade with certifications without the burden of a student loan.  The scholarship provides full tuition, fees, and tools used in the student’s area of study.

In addition, all scholarship students can participate in a list of programs including Legacy Health, Menninger Clinic & Methodist Hospital, and the Food for Change Program from the Houston Food Bank. For the duration of their education, students will receive groceries at no charge twice each month through designated Food for Change markets across Houston.